Once Upon a time

Once upon a time there lived a man with richness over-flowing his coffers and had a great appetite for sex. He was the richest man in the world. He had close to hundred maids just for  polishing all the chandeliers clean on a daily basis. So evident were his riches that there is a story revolving about how Rolce Royce was used to pickup rags through out the city because he was insulted at the showroom(Although there is little evidence if it was actually true).

It is said that the Nizam (we are referring to the last Nizam, who fled after independence)never wore a piece of cloth more than once in his lifetime. Photograph shows the famous charminar, chowmallah palace and mecca masjid in that era.


The Charminar was originally build by Quli Qutub Shah, which predates even the Nizam dynasty.It lies to the eastern bank of Musi river which separates the twin cities Hyderabad-Secunderabad. It has now undergone the fate of urbanisation like many other rivers in the country. The falaknuma palace leased by Princess Esra Jah, first wife of VIIIth Nizam is now Taj falaknuma.

His prime ministers(known as salar jung), keen to preserve their legacy, globetrotted the whole world to collect artifacts. The collection is now open for everyone in the salar-jung museum. Some of the artifacts are shown below.

Charminar has always been a shopping place. You can see various colors coming to life. The bustling crowd of market at 1 a.m in the ramzan nights can be aptly compared to that of a mumbai local railway station. The various shoppers stop are,

Laad bazaar: Local market famous for bangles, jewellery and garments.

Perfume Market: Doesnt need any explanation.

Mozzam Jahi market: This one is mainly  famous for ittar(scents), hookahs. Also potteries, arms and ammunition, sweets and flowers are found in variety.

Antique market: This one offers you chandeliers, wooden chests and beautiful replica of monuments.

Some local company is highly advisable for shopping in any one of these.

A one day tour of Salar-jung museum and chowmallah palace is bound to throw you back in time. You will experience the pristine princely state and definitely grasp the essence of hindi phrase ‘Nawabi-thaat!

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